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ABC Grill Catering will help you plan an affordable catered quince, Fiesta de Quince Años, Quinceañera or Sweet 16 party in the Sacramento area.


You have found the right caterer for this important event. ABC Grill Catering can provide the expertise and skill necessary to help you accomplish a successful party.


When all you need is food, no service staff, we offer affordable, casual "Invisible Chef or Drop Off" catering for a small Quinceañera, wedding reception, wedding rehearsal, company functions, retirement parties, birthdays, graduations or any catered event. Please select your Menu Items and we'll handle the rest.


Catering Venues, rentals of tables, chairs, china and more can be arranged for your convenience. Complete beverage services are also available.

We are here to assist you with your event planning. Please phone or text us at 916.687.1604. Use our short Contact Us form or Email Us with your questions.